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Debi comes from a long line of emergency responders. Her experience as a full time AEMT responding to 911 calls in an extremely high call volume county, single parent of two autistic teens and co-founder/active volunteer member of DeKalb County Fire Rescue DTSpring17Reserve (DCFRR), DeKalb County Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) and DeKalb Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) inspired her to create autism training programs aimed at keeping emergency responders and autistic individuals safe on the scene of a crime, fire, medical call or disaster.

Debi is also a state EMSC Family Advisory Network (FAN) representative and works closely with multiple agencies in Georgia to provide the best resources and emergency response for children. She attained continuing education credit codes on a state level for Law Enforcement (GA POST) and EMS (CEU Code Awarded). As both an emergency responder and an autism parent, she provides a unique perspective and real tools responders can implement in the field.

Autistic Child

Debi has over 10 years of research and implementation of real-life tools and solutions for children and families affected by Autism. Her tips and tools have been published in the Annals of Psychotherapy & Integrative Health® , Autism World Magazine, and Autism Parenting Magazine.

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