Why Are Our Children So Unhealthy?

We are living in a time when billions of dollars are being spent on treatments, causes, and sometimes even cures. We are missing the biggest factor: Prevention.

Why are our children so unhealthy? For the same reasons we are!

  • Poor food choices (processed foods, and misleading “health food” packaging alike)
  • Instant gratification society (particularly as it relates to fast food)
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Lack of movement and exercise
  • Stressful lifestyles (is your child’s schedule as hectic as a 30-year-old’s calendar?!?)
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Environmental factors

Additionally, some children with autism may be at nutritional risk due to their behaviors around foods and eating. Food refusal and difficulty in introducing new foods into the diet are common. Entire food groups may be refused due to sensory integration issues as it relates to food colors, textures, smells, and more.

Researchers have also found that peptides from improperly digested casein (milk) or gluten-based (wheat) foods affect brain function in some individuals with autism. Successfully putting your child on a Gluten Free Casein Free diet can be extremely challenging and requires diligence, commitment, and dedication to following through.

Typical child's diet? I wish!

Selective eaters, whether on the Autism Spectrum or not, may be at risk for some vitamin and mineral deficiencies, especially with a diet that is high in overly processed foods. My eldest child – neurotypical – eats only four foods; that is if they are the right brand, have the correct consistency, and the moon is in the seventh house. And it’s Tuesday :) It has been this way since she was a toddler, despite an armory of tactics and years of struggle over the dinner table.

Whether you have a child that is a picky eater, has extensive food allergies, has problems with food texture, is always tired and lacks energy, or has chronic diarrhea or stomach distress, the bottom line is the same: our kids need better nutrition!

I am utterly thrilled, because I recently found a way to get 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains into my children (and in me!) without the power struggles, tears, ultimatums, and drama… I can’t wait to share more with you over the coming weeks! Look for updates and tweets about my experiences, and feel free to drop me a line if you want to learn more!

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