New Video Tool: It’s the ‘Be Like Buddy’ Online Launch Party!

There is a new series of educational videos and teaching tools for children with Autism coming out this week called “Be Like Buddy” and I am joining my friend Cathy of Autism Home Rescue to spread the word to as many people as possible.

Though we, as parents, are typically inundated with every “new breakthrough Autism resource”, this one is really different.  It’s not therapy, nor does it promise any type of “cure.”

Be Like Buddy” was created by one Dad, who enlisted a creative team of people like us:  Autism parents who really know what works, what helps, and what our children need.  This project was born out of one parent’s love for his child, and his desire to give his son the tools he needs to be able to experience life to the fullest extent possible.

On Thursday and Friday of this week (August 30 and 31), there will be an online launch party at, where you’ll be able to get the videos for FREE and they will work on virtually any device you have – your iPad, iPhone, or laptop!

I haven’t personally viewed these yet, but I love the story of their creation and am looking forward to downloading them! Though my son is 10, overrides his favorite video games by writing his own custom computer code, and does high school math, he still gets his social cues from Nick Jr.  I’m excited to see a video that will meet him on his level without any judgment or negative undertones.

Please “like” the Be Like Buddy Facebook page and tell your social friends, fans and likers to do the same.

Here is the formal “Be Like Buddy” press release.

Remember, “Be Like Buddy” launches Thursday, August 30th. Both pilot episodes will be offered for FREE until September 1.

Can’t wait to share comments about this great series with all you guys!

2 thoughts on “New Video Tool: It’s the ‘Be Like Buddy’ Online Launch Party!

  1. Dan says:

    Thanks for sharing our idea with your readers! Be Like Buddy™ was inspired by my son, who once imitated what he saw in a puppet video. With that as inspiration and a laptop in hand I made some quick videos to help him with some life skills. YEARS LATER I found myself in a position to make these videos as they ought to be made and to offer them to families in need of hope and help.

    I know as well as any other parent of a special needs child how powerful the question “How can I help you?” can be. So… How can I help you? We’re live now on facebook with that survey question front and center — and there it shall stay.

    • Debi Taylor says:

      Hi, Dan! It’s my pleasure to share your great work with the Spirit of Autism readers! I’m more than happy to put your link on my site as well. Looking forward to the other videos!

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